Safety Bifocals, Readers & Magnifying Glasses

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If you struggle to see up close or just want some extra magnification whilst at work, safety bifocals, or otherwise known as safety readers are the perfect solution for you.

These frames contain safety lenses with a reading prescription (the bifocal) moulded directly into the lower part of the lens. The top of the lens has no prescription (plano) allowing unaffected distance vision. Safety bifocals / Safety readers allow the wearer to read up close in hazardous environments without having to remove their safety glasses.

At Eye Protect we have Safety bifocals / Safety readers available in varying prescriptions including +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00, which can be supplied with clear, tinted or polarised lenses to suit your work environment.

Safety bifocals / Safety readers can be used across a broad range of industries including construction, mining, manufacturing, utilities (power, gas, water & roads) and government as well as medical, dental and pharmaceutical.

With brands like Eyres (Magnifiq 103RX, RX Reader 312RX and Define 629RX) and Australian Safety Wholesalers (Magnum 068 and Point Break 589) we have the right pair of safety bifocals / readers for you!