Safety Gloves

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                      Safety Gloves | Essential for Hand Protection & Efficient Handling of Hazardous Materials

                      Safety Gloves are an essential item of PPE as they allow for the safe handling of different types of materials and prevent hand injuries. Hand injuries are one of the most common injuries encountered by workers, especially when workers are not wearing adequate Safety Gloves. Hand injuries come in many forms including cuts, punctures, lacerations, impacts, chemical burns, allergic reactions, nerve damage and in the worst case scenario loss of a finger or hand. Many hand injuries result in workers requiring hospitalisation and time off work. Hand injuries not only threaten a worker’s ability to work but also affect their quality of life and can even end their career.

                      Whilst the primary purpose of Safety Gloves is for hand protection, Safety Gloves are essential for productivity in the workplace. A worker with the right Safety Gloves can handle hazardous materials confidently, assisting them to get their job done safely and efficiently. At Boost Safety & Workwear, we have a wide range of Safety Gloves suitable for a broad range of industries and applications.

                      Safety Standards Certified

                      All Safety Gloves supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear meet or exceed Safety Standards including Australian, European, US, Canadian and international standards. Please refer to the specifications table and the product data sheet (both on the product page) which outline the standards that the product complies with and has been certified under.

                      Safety Glove Sizing

                      Manufacturers of Safety Gloves provide sizing guides which make it easy to select the right sized Safety Gloves. Please find the sizing guides below and don’t hesitate to contact Boost Safety & Workwear if you have any questions regarding sizing and fit.

                      uvex Safety Gloves Sizing Guide

                      HexArmor Gloves Sizing Guide

                      HexArmor Arm Sleeves and Body Protection Sizing Guide

                      Safety Gloves Audit

                      Workplaces are rife with hazards which are constantly changing, therefore, it’s important to periodically conduct risk assessments and glove audits. By undertaking a Safety Gloves Audit, employers are able to identify hazards and select Safety Gloves which can mitigate such hazards and assist employees work productively with the correct protection. If you are looking to undertake a Safety Gloves Audit, please contact Boost Safety & Workwear and we can supply a variety of materials as well as some top tips to consider before starting.

                      Overview of Safety Gloves Standards

                      All Safety Gloves supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear meet or exceed Safety Standards. There are two standards that Safety Gloves are usually rated in accordance with, these being the European Standard (EN) and/or USA and International Standard (ANSI/ISEA).

                      Australian Safety Gloves standards are based on the European Standard, and in many instances mirror European Standards. For that reason, many Safety Gloves sold in Australia display European Standard ratings on the cuff of the glove.

                      The European Standard EN 388 describes the requirements, test methods and labeling of Safety Gloves for protection against mechanical risks and hazards. There are various test methods and gloves are provided ratings based on their performance in each test.

                      Due to the advancement of technology and high performance fibers, in 2016, the European Standard was updated to EN 388:2016. This standard now includes a second cut resistance rating, where a knife cuts with constant speed and increasing force until breakthrough of the cut protection material. In accordance with the new standard, cut ratings for the new standard and test are given a letter from A (lowest level of protection) to F (highest level of protection).

                      The European Standard EN 374 describes the requirements, test methods and labeling of Safety Gloves for protection against chemical hazards. It too was upgraded in 2016, including an expansion of chemicals tested.

                      Types of Safety Gloves

                      At Boost Safety & Workwear, we carry an extensive range of Safety Gloves including:

                      • Work Gloves: The same as Safety Gloves, however just referred to as Work Gloves.
                      • Rigger Gloves: Tough yet comfortable, these Safety Gloves are designed for extended use handling rough materials and heavy-duty equipment.
                      • Mechanic Gloves: Designed to meet the specific needs of professional mechanics who work on mechanical equipment and vehicles.
                      • Cut Resistant Gloves: Protect the wearer from cuts caused by blades, tools and other sharp materials.
                      • Cut 5 Gloves: Protect the wearer from cuts and have a Level 5 Cut Rating based on the EN 388:2003 Safety Standard.
                      • Chemical Resistant Gloves: Tested in accordance with Chemical Protection Safety Standards and protect the hands from chemical burns and other skin issues caused by dangerous chemicals being handled by workers.
                      • Nitrile Gloves: Made in whole or part from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), a top performing rubber material.
                      • Coated Work Gloves: Part or all of these Safety Gloves are coated in a performance coating (usually Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or Polyurethane), providing an additional protection layer and increased performance.
                      • Leather Work Gloves: As the name suggests, these Safety Gloves are made from leather and provide a good combination of protection and comfort.
                      • Anti-vibration Gloves: Anti-vibration gloves protect the wearer from hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). This condition is caused by repeated exposure to heavy, intense vibrations associated with the use of power equipment like jack-hammers, chainsaws, grinders, drills, riveters and impact wrenches.
                      • Heat Resistant & Fire Protection Gloves: Tested in accordance with fire and heat safety standards, these Safety Gloves are ideal for situations where heat and fire hazards are present.
                      • Heavy Duty Gloves: Designed for the really tough jobs. These gloves have higher levels of protection when compared to other Safety Gloves.
                      • All Round General Purpose Gloves: Provide a good mix of protection, dexterity and comfort for use in a broad range of industries and applications.
                      • Precision Work Gloves: Lightweight and close-fitting gloves that allow the wearer to retain dexterity required to perform precision work.
                      • Touchscreen Safety Gloves: Enable users to keep their Safety Gloves on whilst using a touchscreen phone, tablet or computer.

                      Key Considerations When Purchasing Safety Gloves

                      When selecting and purchasing Safety Gloves, the following Key Considerations can be used to assist in selecting the right Safety Gloves for the task at hand:

                      Level of Protection

                      Before buying Safety Gloves, it’s imperative to consider the hazards present in the workplace and level of protection required. Consider the prevalence and severity of hazards such as risk of cut, punctures, impact, chemical exposure, needlestick injury as well as other hazards. Based on the hazards, select Safety Gloves that are going to provide protection from identified hazards whilst maintaining, comfort, dexterity and grip.


                      Is a key consideration in all situations particularly for those wearing Safety Gloves for extended periods of time. Uncomfortable Safety Gloves can lead to lower compliance, and lower compliance can lead to a higher rate of hand injuries. Selecting Safety Gloves made by reputable brands from quality materials greatly assists with ensuring high comfort levels in Safety Gloves.


                      Dexterity is crucial to workers handling small parts or jobs that require repetitive motions. Safety Gloves that are bulky or restrictive can hamper a worker’s ability to effectively complete a task. If workers don’t have the dexterity and tactile sensitivity they need to do a job effectively, there’s chance they’ll remove their Safety Gloves in order to work, leaving hands susceptible in injury.


                      Confidence in grip from Safety Gloves can play a major role in the successful and safe completion of projects. Oils, liquids, dust, and mud all affect the grip quality of different materials in different ways. Poor grip in Safety Gloves can lead to hand strain and fatigue. Safety Gloves that enable a good grip help lower the incidence of dropped tools and reduce the number of fatigue and strain related conditions reported by workers. Because grip is largely a subjective issue, look for Safety Gloves with a wide range of grip options with standard levels of cut and impact protection.


                      Extreme weather conditions introduce a host of potential hazards that can result in hand injury. Workers using Safety Gloves in cold environments can suffer from numbness, loss of grip and feeling, and other cold-related issues, including frostbite. Extreme variance in temperature can even exist in plants and warehouses when workers are near furnaces, hot water, or cold storage. If Safety Gloves are going to be used in extreme weather conditions, ensure the selected Safety Gloves are designed for such environments.

                      Safety Glove Care, Inspection & Replacement

                      To maximise the safety, effectiveness and longevity of Safety Gloves, proper care, cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Different Safety Gloves require specific care, and your best resource for proper Safety Gloves maintenance is the manufacturer’s care instructions. Both employers and employees should regularly inspect Safety Gloves for wear and tear. Cut, torn, punctured, worn out or damaged Safety Gloves should be discarded and replaced immediately.

                      Capabilities & Services

                      At Boost Safety & Workwear, we supply Safety Gloves, Hand Protection, PPE, Workwear & Workplace Safety products to individuals and businesses of all sizes including contractors, SMEs, major companies, organisations and all levels of Government.

                      We can supply Safety Gloves in various quantities and offer volume discounts for larger orders. We can also assist in the selection of the correct Safety Gloves and Hand Protection according to your industry and work environment. For Businesses, Organisations & Government Departments with 15 or more employees, we offer Free Trials & Samples for onsite testing prior to order placement.

                      On Hand to Help

                      If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right Safety Gloves or want to find out more about our Capabilities & Services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.