HexArmor Safety Gloves

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                          HexArmor Gloves | Trust, Safety & Protecting People

                          HexArmor is a manufacturer of industry leading Safety Gloves. HexArmor Gloves are widely known for their top levels of cut, impact, puncture and needlestick protection. HexArmor started a decade ago with one industry and one glove. HexArmor changed, altered, tested, and trialed until they successfully eliminated all hand injuries for a large waste and recycling company. Eliminated – as in zero – none. That’s when HexArmor changed the landscape of Work Gloves forever. In 2016, a joint venture with uvex allowed HexArmor to combine resources and address unsolved issues in the PPE market through design, engineering, manufacturing and technical expertise, creating the most advanced line of PPE in the industry.

                          HexArmor award-winning gloves, HexArmor Sleeves and body protection feature top-level cut, puncture and abrasion resistance, all purpose-built for a wide variety of hazards and applications. No matter the job (or the weather) HexArmor Gloves have the applicable grips, fabrics and materials that exceed the required standards and help keep you and your team safe onsite.

                          High quality HexArmor Gloves that workers feel good wearing means increased compliance, which in turn means less injuries and reduced costs. Companies all over the world are saving thousands of dollars on injury costs and missed work days by switching to HexArmor products. Boost Safety & Workwear and HexArmor are excited and honored to help you do the same.

                          Safety Standards Certified

                          All HexArmor Gloves supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear meet or exceed Safety Standards including Australian, European, US, Canadian and international standards. Please refer to the specifications table and the product data sheet (both on the product page) which outline the standards that the product complies with and has been certified under.

                          HexArmor Safety Glove Sizing

                          HexArmor provides sizing guides which make it easy to select the right sized HexArmor Gloves, HexArmor Sleeves and Body Protection. Please find the sizing guides below and don’t hesitate to contact Boost Safety & Workwear if you have any questions regarding sizing and fit.

                          HexArmor Gloves Sizing Guide

                          HexArmor Arm Sleeves and Body Protection Sizing Guide

                          HexArmor Glove Series

                          Rig Lizard | A Grip for Every Job

                          The Rig Lizard Series is purpose-built to provide maximum grip in tough situations; with over five grip options for water, oils, muds, and lubricants. Each glove is also equipped with HexArmor’s highly flexible IR-X Impact Exoskeleton, keeping hands protected from smash and pinch injuries. This combination of multiple technologies and features makes the Rig Lizard the ideal solution for common oil, gas and mining hazards. And with options for cold and warm weather protection, hands can stay safe and comfortable in any environment.

                          Chrome Series | The Safest Mechanic’s Style Glove on the Market

                          HexArmor Chrome Series gloves are built for a wide array of applications. Each product in the series was crafted to fit a hand with a specific purpose. With over 8 styles and various features such as impact protection, an abrasion-resistant knuckle patch, or a PVC printed palm, you can be certain that the HexArmor Chrome Series will keep hands protected in a wide variety of hazardous conditions.

                          Gator Grip GGT5 | Engineered to Provide Maximum Protection

                          The Gator Grip GGT5 Series was built to be the toughest oil, gas and mining glove on the market. With such a high level of hazards on these job sites, HexArmor made sure that the Gator Grip GGT5 Series was complete with industry-leading cut protection and an IR-X Impact Exoskeleton. HexArmor Gloves specialised grips are designed to handle long days working with heavy tools, pipes, and machinery, to give workers the protection needed to get the job done.

                          9000 Series | The Perfect Union of Performance and Comfort

                          The versatile 9000 Series offers a line of palm-coated knit gloves, supplemented with SuperFabric brand materials for industry-leading cut resistance, and purpose-built for a variety of industrial applications. Most of the 9000 Series HexArmor Gloves feature a unique palm coating, maintaining the highest grip in varying conditions while providing increased abrasion resistance to extend product life.

                          Helix | Dexterity, Durability & Purpose-Built Grip

                          No matter what the job, there’s a HexArmor Helix glove for your needs. Each glove in the HexArmor Helix Series is made with high-quality yarns, providing a high dexterity and extremely comfortable shell that can be worn all day without causing hand fatigue. This light-duty line of seamless gloves offers a variety of palm coatings that can be used for wet, oily, and dry situations, and provides additional abrasion resistance. The HexArmor Helix series answers the call of Hand Protection from the manufacturing floor to construction sites.

                          Hex 1 | The Most Comfortable Work Gloves Ever Made

                          From the leader in industrial hand protection comes the Hex1 Series, because we know that not all jobs require Heavy Duty Gloves. Sometimes you just need a pair of gloves that look great, feel great, work great and last. Hex1 HexArmor Gloves are made with the same high-quality materials as HexArmor’s high-performance safety gloves and perform better than any mechanic’s glove you’ve ever worn.

                          EXT Rescue | Do the Job that No One Else Can Do

                          When HexArmor took on the mission of creating the world’s safest rescue glove, they knew they couldn’t do it alone. HexArmor went out and asked the heroes in the field what they needed out of their rescue gloves. It’s a good thing they did, as those heros helped HexArmor create a line of HexArmor Gloves that they are proud to call the HexArmor EXT Rescue Series.

                          Point Guard | The Industry’s Top Needlestick Solution

                          The ANSI/ISEA standard was updated in February 2016 to include the ASTM F2878-10 needlestick puncture test for hypodermic needles, however HexArmor has been using this test method for years as a performance metric for all HexArmor needlestick-resistant products. SuperFabric brand material in HexArmor needlestick products has consistently outperformed the competition in not only needlestick resistance, but also in cut protection, which is an equally-important attribute for several industries such as sanitation and recycling.

                          Heavy Duty | The Toughest, Most Durable Gloves on the Market

                          Some job sites require more protection. They demand the strongest, toughest, and most resilient Safety Gloves. HexArmor has spent many years on sites like this. It’s how they created the heavy-duty line of products. Built to handle the most extreme occupational hazards, HexArmor heavy-duty gloves are built from the inside out, with proprietary technologies that provide industry-leading cut and industrial puncture resistance. HexArmor put everything they have into building their Heavy Duty Safety Gloves, and the result is purpose-built PPE you can trust.

                          Arm and Body Protection

                          No more snags, punctures, abrasions, or cuts to your arms and torso. HexArmor Sleeves and HexArmor industrial aprons and body protection outperform, outlast, and fit better than the competition. HexArmor body protection with SuperFabric brand materials provides industry-leading cut resistance, giving protection where it is required most.

                          Capabilities & Services

                          At Boost Safety & Workwear, we supply HexArmor Gloves, Hand Protection, PPE, Workwear & Workplace Safety products to individuals and businesses of all sizes including contractors, SMEs, major companies, organisations and all levels of Government.

                          We can supply HexArmor Gloves in various quantities and offer volume discounts for larger orders. We can also assist in the selection of the correct HexArmor Gloves and Hand Protection according to your industry and work environment. For Businesses, Organisations & Government Departments with 15 or more employees, we offer Free Trials & Samples for onsite testing prior to order placement.

                          On Hand to Help

                          If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right HexArmor Gloves or want to find out more about our Capabilities & Services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.