Cut Resistant Gloves

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                  Use Cut Resistant Gloves to Protect Your Hands from Cuts Caused by Blades, Tools & Sharp Materials

                  Cut hazards are present in all workplaces. Cut Resistant Gloves are designed to protect the wearer’s hands and fingers from being cut while using sharp, bladed or pointed tools & machinery as well as whilst working with sharp materials such as metal, wood and glass. Typical industries which workers wear Cut Resistant Gloves include construction, industrial, manufacturing, mining and agricultural industries.

                  Not wearing any Hand Protection or failing to wear adequate Safety Gloves can result in hand injuries like cuts, punctures, lacerations, impacts, chemical burns, allergic reactions, nerve damage and in the worst case scenario loss of a finger or hand. In environments where cut hazards are present, Cut Resistant Gloves are a critical piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

                  Cut Resistant Gloves are tested in accordance safety standards and provided with cut resistant glove ratings. There are two cut resistance tests that Cut Resistant Gloves are tested in accordance with (see detailed explanation below). Therefore, when buying Cut Resistant Gloves, look out for a letter rating (A -> F, with F being the highest level rating), as rated under the new standard EN 388:2016, or a numerical rating (1 -> 5, with 5 being the highest level rating) as rated under an older standard EN 388:2003.

                  At Boost Safety & Workwear, we offer a wide selection of Cut Resistant Gloves for a wide variety of industries and countless applications. We also have an extensive range of High Cut Resistant Gloves. No matter what industry or application you require Cut Resistant Gloves for, we have your hands covered!

                  Safety Standards Certified

                  All Cut Resistant Gloves supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear meet or exceed Safety Standards including Australian, European, US, Canadian and international standards. In particular, Cut Resistant Gloves are tested in accordance with EN 388 & EN 374 (European Standard) and/or ANSI/ISEA 105 & ANSI/ISEA 138 (USA and International Standard). Please refer to the specifications table and the product data sheet (both on the product page) which outline the standards that the product complies with and has been certified under.

                  Safety Glove Sizing

                  Manufacturers of Cut Resistant Gloves provide sizing guides which make it easy to select the right sized Cut Resistant Gloves. Please find the sizing guides below and don’t hesitate to contact Boost Safety & Workwear if you have any questions regarding sizing and fit.

                  uvex Gloves Sizing Guide

                  HexArmor Gloves Sizing Guide

                  HexArmor Arm Sleeves and Body Protection Sizing Guide

                  How Cut Protection Gloves Work

                  Cut Resistant Safety Gloves are made from materials and interwoven fibers that enable them to resist and protect hands from cut hazards in the workplace. To make gloves that are cut resistant, manufacturers choose from several types of cut resistant materials that can be used alone or in combination with each other. As materials science continues to innovate, there are always new materials being incorporated into Cut Resistant Gloves which provide a higher level of protection whilst ensuring comfort and dexterity.

                  Cut Resistant Glove Ratings & Safety Standards

                  Safety Gloves are tested in accordance with EN 388 & EN 374 (European Standard) and/or ANSI/ISEA 105 & ANSI/ISEA 138 (USA and International Standard). As part of the testing process, gloves are tested for their cut resistance and provided with a cut rating. The higher the rating, the better the level of protection from cut hazards. Under European Standard EN388, there are two cut resistance tests that Cut Resistant Gloves are tested in accordance with:

                  EN 388:2003: A rotating circular knife moves back and forth at a constant force (5 newtons) on the test material and rotates counter to the movement. The cut rating is determined from the number of cycles required to the point at which the test material is cut through, and from the degree of wear of the blade. A numerical rating of 1 -> 5 is assigned to the glove, with 5 being the highest rating. Cut Resistant Gloves rated as a 5, are usually referred to as Cut 5 Gloves.

                  EN 388:2016: A long, straight blade is drawn once over the test piece. The minimum force required to cut through the test piece after 20 millimeters is determined in the process. The result is given in newtons (N) and assigned to a cut protection class. An alphabetical rating of A -> F is assigned to the glove, with F being the highest rating.

                  Due to the advancement in technology and high performance fibers, in 2016, the European Standard was updated to EN 388:2016 and the second cut resistance test was implemented. Cut Resistant Gloves may have a rating for one or both of the tests. Under European Standard EN388, Cut Resistant Gloves are also tested for their abrasion resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance. If you are looking for high cut resistant gloves, just look at the glove rating on the product information and data sheet.

                  Combination of Cut-Protection Gloves with Other Protection

                  Cut Resistant Gloves can be combined with other features for increased protection. These types of Safety Gloves are particularly useful where more than one type of hazard is present in a work setting. Typical combinations of protective features are:

                  • Cut Resistant and Puncture Resistant Gloves: Designed to protect the hands from both cut and puncture hazards. Many higher rated Cut Resistant Gloves have a medium to high rating for puncture protection as well.
                  • Cut Resistant Anti Impact Gloves: Cut Resistant Gloves are combined with features to protect hands from impacts, which often occur to the top of the hand and knuckles. Cut Resistant Anti Impact Gloves are a great option for the tough jobs.

                  Typical Industries & Applications

                  All industries have some form of cut hazards. For that reason, Cut Resistant Gloves are utilised in a broad range of industries and applications. Some common industries and uses for Cut Resistant Gloves include:

                  • Construction sites for material handling
                  • Manufacturing for use with sharp materials, tools and machinery
                  • Mining
                  • Warehousing, packing, shipping and general handling of paper and cardboard
                  • Handling sharp materials such as metal, wood and glass across all industries
                  • Waste management

                  Cut Resistant Gloves Care, Inspection & Replacement

                  To maximise the safety, effectiveness and longevity of Cut Resistant Gloves, proper care, cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Different Cut Resistant Gloves require specific care, and your best resource for proper Cut Resistant Gloves maintenance is the manufacturer’s care instructions. Both employers and employees should regularly inspect Cut Resistant Gloves for wear and tear. Cut, torn, punctured, worn out or damaged Cut Resistant Gloves should be discarded and replaced immediately.

                  Capabilities & Services

                  At Boost Safety & Workwear, we supply Cut Resistant Gloves, Hand Protection, PPE, Workwear & Workplace Safety products to individuals and businesses of all sizes including contractors, SMEs, major companies, organisations and all levels of Government.

                  We can supply Cut Resistant Gloves in various quantities and offer volume discounts for larger orders. We can also assist in the selection of the correct Cut Resistant Gloves and Hand Protection according to your industry and work environment. For Businesses, Organisations & Government Departments with 15 or more employees, we offer Free Trials & Samples for onsite testing prior to order placement.

                  On Hand to Help

                  If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right Cut Resistant Gloves or want to find out more about our Capabilities & Services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.