uvex Safety Glasses

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                    uvex Safety Glasses & uvex Glasses offer Exceptional Clarity, Safety & Comfort

                    uvex is a name synonymous with quality Eye Protection. Backed by over 90 years of German engineering in optics and coatings science, uvex excels as one of Australia’s leading safety brands by manufacturing uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses and uvex Goggles.

                    uvex produces safety glasses and goggles for all industries including industrial, manufacturing, mining, food & agriculture, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, automotive, emergency services, law enforcement and sports. With a reputation for designing uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses and uvex Goggles that never compromise on performance, safety or style, uvex is a brand that Australian and global workers turn to for Protective Eyewear in the most demanding conditions.

                    uvex Safety Glasses come in a wide range of shapes and styles with a variety of lens tints and coatings. This ensuring there is the right pair of uvex Safety Glasses or uvex Glasses for any industry or work environment. uvex’s use of modern fashionable designs ensure both men and women love to wear uvex Safety Glasses.

                    At Boost Safety & Workwear, we have the full range of uvex Safety Glasses and uvex Glasses available for purchase. Regardless of your industry or work environment, we have a pair of uvex Safety Glasses to protect your's or your employee's eyes.

                    Safety Standards Certified

                    All uvex Safety Glasses supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear meet or exceed Safety Standards including Australian, European, US, Canadian and international standards. Please refer to the specifications table and the product data sheet (both on the product page) which outline the standards that the product complies with and has been certified under.

                    All Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles and Eye Protection products supplied by Boost Safety & Workwear are certified to meet Australian Safety Standards. This includes uvex Safety products and all uvex Safety Glasses are certified to Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1, the safety standard that specifies the minimum requirements for non-prescription eye and face protectors and associated oculars.

                    uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses & uvex Sunglasses Range

                    The range of uvex Safety glasses, uvex Safety Goggles and face guards/face shields are designed to protect wearers from common onsite hazards including flying particles and fragments (wood, metal, concrete etc.), dust, gases & vapours, liquid splashes and molten metals.

                    As mentioned above, uvex is a renowned brand for protective eyewear and is worn by millions of workers globally. There are dozens of models to choose from in the range of uvex Safety Glasses and uvex Glasses so there is a uvex safety frame and lens to suit every work environment and personal preference of both employers and employees. With a variety of premium and economical options, the uvex brand caters for all budgets.

                    uvex offers a comprehensive range of safety glasses for all industries and work environments. Key features commonly found in uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses and uvex Sunglasses include:

                    • Modern and traditional style safety glasses frames
                    • Wrap frames with a wide field of vision and protection
                    • Lightweight frames for all-day comfort
                    • Full frame and semi-rimless designs
                    • Soft nose bridges and temple tips to ensure a secure, pressure-free fit
                    • Adjustable nose bridges
                    • Good ventilation
                    • Compatibility for wear with other uvex PPE
                    • Metal free models

                    uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses & uvex Sunglasses Lenses

                    uvex has an extensive line of safety lenses for its range of uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses and uvex Sunglasses. A variety of lens tints are available to improve comfort and vision in different working environments. In addition to this, all uvex Safety Glasses and uvex Goggles come with a UV400 coating for UV protection. With lens tints to enhance visibility, clarity and comfort, uvex has the ideal protective eyewear solution for every industry.

                    Len Tints

                    Clear: For visual clarity when no tint for brightness or glare protection is required. Best used indoors and in low light conditions. Can be used outdoors, however for ongoing use outdoors, uvex Sunglasses with tinted lenses should be used.

                    Amber: Provides enhanced contrast and can be used in low light environments, both indoors and outdoors.

                    Contrast Enhancement, Bluelight Reduction & Relaxed Vision (CBR65 & CBR 75): These tinted lenses are designed to improve contrast enhancement and reduce blue light from natural sunlight, artificial or LED light, and digital devices. Ideal for precision work or use with display screens on equipment. CBR65 and CBR75 lens technology helps achieve fatigue-free and relaxed vision even in changing light conditions.

                    Sunglass tints (Grey, Brown & Silver Mirror): Designed for outdoor use to manage the bright Australian outdoor conditions. Assist in reducing watery eyes, squinting and discomfort for workers when working outdoors in daytime conditions. Grey lenses maintain a natural image. Brown lenses provide a slight increase in contrast. Silver Mirror lenses reflect heat and light for increased comfort.

                    Polavision (Polarsied): Improve visual perception, enhance clarity and colour definition by reducing glare. Are ideal for all outdoor environments, however particularly useful where there is a high degree of glare and surfaces reflect bright sunlight such as around water, sandy conditions and working around glass and metal.

                    Variomatic (Photochromic): Coated lenses are self-tinting, which automatically darken when exposed to UV (within around 10 seconds) and become lighter when exposure is reduced (after around 30 seconds). Variomatic lenses are now available with the tried and tested uvex Supravision Excellence coating technology (permanently anti-fog on the inside and extremely scratch-resistant on the outside). Particularly suitable for workplaces where employers and employees frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments, from light to dark.

                    UV Protection

                    All uvex safety lenses for use in uvex Safety Glasses and uvex Goggles come with UV400 protection as standard. UV400 is an advanced eyewear technology that provides the eye and surrounding skin with protection from UVA and UVB radiation. This ensures workers are protected from the sun’s harmful rays when working outdoors.

                    Core uvex Safety Glasses & uvex Glasses Lens Coatings

                    uvex Supravision Sapphire (Anti-scratch both sides)

                    uvex Safety Glasses lenses coated with the uvex Supravision Sapphire coating are extremely scratch resistant on both sides of the lens and offer excellent resistance to chemicals. The uvex Supravision Sapphire coating system, which has been enhanced using nanotechnology, offers significantly increased non-stick properties and subsequently are easier to clean. Aqueous and oily dirt can be removed effortlessly. The best lens coating for uvex Safety Glasses used in dirty, dusty and abrasive environments.

                    uvex Supravision Excellence (Anti-fog inside / Anti-scratch outside)

                    uvex Safety Glasses lenses coated with the uvex Supravision Excellence coating are anti-fog on the inside, while the outside offers extreme scratch and chemical resistance. The anti-fogging properties are permanent even after repeated cleaning. The lenses are also easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt due to the nonstick nanotechnology.

                    uvex Supravision THS (Anti-fog both sides)

                    uvex Safety Glasses lenses coated with the uvex Supravision THS have advanced anti-fog performance on both sides. The anti-fogging properties are permanent, even after repeated cleaning. This lens coating is suitable for areas with high humidity or where the wearer is wearing a respirator or face mask. A great lens coating for uvex Safety Glasses worn by workers in humid environments or moving between areas of different temperatures and humidity.

                    Specialty uvex Safety Glasses & uvex Glasses Lens Coatings

                    uvex Supravision Extreme (Anti-fog inside / Anti-scratch outside)

                    uvex Safety Glasses lenses coated with the uvex Supravision Extreme coating are scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside. Lenses will resist fogging up as the coating never reaches the point of saturation. Ideally suited for workplace environments with long-lasting exposure to condensation and a high degree of dirt.

                    uvex Supravision Clean (Anti-fog inside / Anti-scratch outside)

                    uvex Safety Glasses lenses coated with the uvex Supravision Clean coating are autoclavable and resistant to chemicals. Anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant on the outside. The anti-fog properties last for at least 10 autoclave cycles. The coating ensures complete fog protection and maximum vision.

                    Capabilities & Services

                    At Boost Safety & Workwear, we supply uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses, Protective Eyewear, PPE, Workwear & Workplace Safety products to individuals and businesses of all sizes including contractors, SMEs, major companies, organisations and all levels of Government.

                    We can supply uvex Safety Glasses in various quantities and offer volume discounts for larger orders. We can also assist in the selection of the correct uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses and Protective Eyewear according to your industry and work environment. For Businesses, Organisations & Government Departments with 15 or more employees, we offer Free Trials & Samples for onsite testing prior to order placement.

                    On Hand to Help

                    If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right uvex Safety Glasses, uvex Glasses, or uvex Sunglasses or want to find out more about our Capabilities & Services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.