Prescription Safety Glasses Program

Boost Safety & Workwear is a leading supplier of Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear. Our range includes:

Based in Australia, we supply Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear to individuals and businesses of all sizes including contractors, SMEs, major companies, organisations and all levels of Government; both in Australia and globally.

For individuals, purchases can be made online using this website which has a custom prescription lenses checkout designed for ordering prescription lenses online.

For Businesses, Organisations and Government Departments, we offer a Prescription Safety Glasses Program as an end to end service for employees who require optical correction as well as eye protection.

Our Optical Team

We have a team of optical professionals who are on hand to assist. Lead Optometrist, Barry Tucker qualified in 1981 and has 35 years of experience providing eye care services to businesses and patients of all ages. Barry provides a personalised service to all customers and can assist on the simplest and most complex eye and vision questions.

Barry is supported by a team of optical professionals to ensure all Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear orders are suitable for the optical requirements of workers and are processed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Cumulatively, Boost Safety & Workwear’s Optical Team has over 50 years experience in the optical industry and has assisted 1000’s of workers select the correct Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear for their industry and work environment.

Onsite Fitting

At Boost Safety & Workwear, we know the importance of the correct fit for PPE and Workwear. As part of our Prescription Safety Glasses Program, we offer an onsite fitting service. Our service allows workers to try on and select the best fitting Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear, which have the right safety and comfort features for their job.

No matter where you are located, we have an onsite fitting solution for you. If your workplace is located in an Australian city or large town, a Boost Safety & Workwear team member or manufacturer representative can visit your workplace to conduct the onsite fitting. For workplaces in rural Australia and overseas, we have fitting kits which can be sent out to your workplace.

Digital Solutions for Ease of Order Placement

At Boost Safety & Workwear, all our products and services are underpinned by technology. We offer a digital first service which makes ordering Prescription Safety Glasses & Eyewear simple and efficient for both employers and employees.

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If you would like to implement a Prescription Safety Glasses Program for your workplace, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and a member of our Optical Team will be glad to work with you and set it up.

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Can't find what your looking for or need more info?