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Knobloch K5

Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses

Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses are ideal for trap, skeet and sporting shooters, pistol shooting, rapid fire pistol shooting, rifle shooting and hunting. The Knobloch K5 features an adjustable nose piece and can be worn normally or adjusted upwards to allow high placeage on the nose, so the shooter looks through the lens and the shooting glasses don’t come into contact with the gun, ideal for shotgun shooting. Different lens filters are available and are clipped onto the frame which allows them to be swapped quickly to suit changing light conditions. An optional cover disk can also be fitted to the non-aiming eye.

Knobloch K5 Lens Selection

Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses use interchangeable lens technology. There are 8 different lenses to choose from. Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses are not sold with a fixed number of lenses, so you can select as many lenses as you like when placing your order.

Prescription Insert / Optical Kit & Prescription Lenses

Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses to provide optical correction for shooters who require it. No prescription insert is required to fit prescription lenses, rather the frames standard clear lenses are replaced. The main benefit in doing so is that the shooter can still use interchangeable lenses to manage light and create target contrast. The Knobloch K5 design is capable of delivering a wide range of prescriptive power requirements.

At Boost Safety & Workwear, we believe that in order to get the best performance out of Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses, only quality prescription lenses should be used. This ensures optimum target clarity for the shooter. At Boost Safety & Workwear, all lenses used in Knobloch K5 Shooting Glasses have anti-scratch coatings and are manufactured to ensure optimal fitting and alignment. Lenses can be upgraded to have an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating for minimising light reflections, improving optical quality and enhancing performance.

Our Optometrist has 30 years of optical and shooting experience. If you have any questions relating to your prescription and the need for optical correction for shooting sports, just Contact Us.

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